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Make Time For Invisalign!

A close-up of a woman removing a clear aligner from her teeth.
Get ready for barely-there braces!

Have you said hello to our new tech, iTero? (You can get to know iTero here!)

Well, this scanner’s so much more than a groovy gadget—iTero’s a launching pad for the smile of your dreams! Our 3-D scanner can model your smile in minutes—almost as quickly as we can send your scans to Invisalign! Plus, iTero and Invisalign make one incredible team.

Next, you receive a series of clear aligners, which guide you to your smile goals (learn more here). And since you remove the aligners when chewing, munching, or crunching, you never need to choose between your dream smile and your dream meal! (Yes, you can keep bagels on the menu.) 

Remember, there’s no wrong time—or age—to achieve the smile of your dreams. So make time for Invisalign today!

Could your smile use a low-key level-up? Your choice is clear! 


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