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Bravo For Braces!

Braces for the win!
Braces for the win!

You may call me bananas, but I love braces! And Team Tebo agrees: braces can reduce decay and save the day! How? An aligned smile means fewer grooves, gaps, and crevices prone to decay . . . and braces give you a bonus chance to wear a rad color combo! When you’ve got a fave color, you can’t get enough. But now, you can rock a red, blue, or orange smile every day—no M&M’s necessary! Plus, braces today can mean a glowing grin for decades and beyond. And they work 24/7—so you can level up your smile even when sleeping! (Since when has progress been this easy?) So give them a chance, and maybe one day you could even learn to them-“brace” your braces! 

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