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Dig In & Grin Big!: Three Fave Foods For Braces

A boy with braces eats spaghetti marinara.
You don’t need to choose between a super smile and a “sauce”-some meal!

Once you get braces, you’ve got to pause your love for popcorn, bagels, gumballs, and all things caramel. You’ll have to say long to all crunchy, chewy, or gooey candies. But you won’t have to endure canned soup and soggy Cheerios the whole time you have braces . . . Read on to get the sweet scoop!

Oatmeal Sundaes

Sure, you may not crave a big bowl of oatmeal—yet! But this morning’s meal loves every mix-in, from jam to banana to pumpkin (yes, pumpkin!). You’re bound to uncover two—or 20—combos you love! Now you can make every day a “sundae” (no ice cream needed!).


Scrambled eggs can make anyone a morning person! Are you not convinced? Then chow down on this loaded avocado scramble!

Mac’ N’ Cheese, Please!

Do you even need a reason to dig into this ooey-gooey goodness? Mac’ n’ cheese will make your day, every day! And when you’re craving something new, don’t be scared to remix the mix-ins! (You could even give your macaroni this PB&J makeover . . . we won’t judge.)

An omelet with spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms.
Shake up how you wake up!  

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