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Em-“Brace” The Fun & Make Color Your Canvas!

A young woman with braces looks toward the camera and laughs.
Braces makeover your smile in more ways than one!

Braces mean so much more than a mega smile makeover—they’re also a whole new way to make color your canvas!

Are you enamored by Encanto? (I sure am—I can’t turn down a Disney movie!) Then count on aqua bands to bring some movie magic to your braces. Or do you dig the vintage ‘toons? Then Scooby-Dooby-Do tries a blend of orange, lime green, and teal. And Halloween can come every day—for your orange braces anyway . . . but beware the ooey-gooey candies! Feel free to snag the swag of your fave team, band, book, or video game. From big screens to big leagues, your braces can brighten your day whenever you smile!

Make your braces a reminder of whatever brings you joy! 

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