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#Promoted – Assistant Administrative Manager


We are congratulating Jennifer P. for being #Promoted to Assistant Administrative Manager!

In January this year, Jennifer was #Promoted to Administrative Team Lead. And now, Jennifer is already taking on another new role with our team! Due to her extensive experience with multiple departments in the company, as well as her desire to elevate her career, Jennifer has gained valuable knowledge and insight into our administrative operations while also helping to provide support and coverage in various positions. In addition, Jennifer has been instrumental in providing direct oversight and assisting with the implementation of structure across the departments she is involved in.

Needless to say: this is a VERY WELL DESERVED #Promotion, Jennifer! We couldn’t be happier to have you on our team!

In her new role, Jennifer will be focusing her attention on all aspects of our administrative processes to ensure we deliver an exceptional patient experience. She will be actively involved with training new team members to ensure they get acclimated to their positions as well as streamlining our processes, communicating with management and other team leads to provide updates, and ensuring optimum efficiency in the PSR, check-in, check-out, and records departments.

Congratulations on this accomplishment, Jennifer! We are proud of all you have done so far and look forward to seeing you continue to elevate your career! 


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